2012 Middle East Carpets Fair is taking place in Gaziantep

Many people would like to change the look of their home but they have no idea where to start. It’s always challenging and scary at times to change old habits, but you will find useful advice and tips to make your living environment more suitable than ever before.
Get information, ideas, inspiration, and expert guidance at Middle East Carpets Fair, and then let your imagination take you to your dream home. There is no need to worry if you feel that you have absolutely no idea about decorating.
This is exactly the reason why the Middle East Carpets Fair has been organized by Marka Fairs to provide you great ideas and products to guide you in your journey to design a home of your dreams.
Come to see the world of interior design and related products. 2012 Middle East Carpets Fair will be at Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center between September 6 th to 9 th which is located in the heart of Gaziantep.
You can easily get to Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center which is conveniently located near hotels, universities, and shopping centers.




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