Hand-tuft carpet and rug robot

 ETuft (Hand-tuft carpet and rug robot) is an advanced robotic machine for producing wide range of modern and fashionable tufted carpets and area rugs.
This advanced robotic machine is able to handle your single orders, mass production running as well as sampling. Depending on the pile heights (13–75mm), tuft effects (U-tuft Cut Pile, J-tuft Cut Pile and Loop Pile), yarn material, thickness and number of yarn ends to be tufted, wide range of tufted carpets and area rugs collections will be achievable. In addition, variety of colors and yarns in type, thickness and material whether is Wool, Polyester, Nylon, Linen, Polypropylene, Cotton or their blends let one create fantastic and unique effects.
By using the well integrated solution of eTuft and dedicated carpet designing software “eDesigner”, making variety in design, colors and tuft effects will be no more time-consuming or costly. Moreover creating 3D effects (variable pile heights) will be fulfilled easily in eTuft and designing software. This fully functional combination enables producers to rapidly respond to market demands and become more flexible. It is better to say, you are a few hours away from design concepts to tufted carpet by eTuft.
 Ability to produce with maximum speed of tufting gun (2000 stitches/minute) without any vibration or instability in mechanical structure is achieved by using unique German quality structure. This rigid and well engineered structure will lead to higher production rates and make it long life product.

Utilizing advanced controller with six servo motors and four accurate linear drives for controlling all actions in robot cause higher tufting accuracy, increasing speed of un-tufted moves and decreasing the stoppages, all lead to higher efficiency. The leading edge technology makes the robot agile and smart.
Meanwhile by using variable pile heights system you will be able to create 3D effects on the tufted carpet and rugs.

Easy handling and smooth running let one personnel control and run several robots and consequently lead to considerable labor cost reduction. It also eliminates human production errors and let you produce high quality and complicated products with the same hand tuft look.

This unique robot has the potency to produce different fashionable products which can lead to a rapid return of investment (less than one year), if eTuft is operated at full production capacity.
•    Smart cut and loop forming systems for switching between cut and loop without any mechanical settings or machine stoppages
•     Variable pile heights system for creating 3D effects
•     Ability to produce different pile heights and densities in the same design
•     Different cut and loop tufting effects
•     Advanced rigid construction enable it to run faster
•    Ability to tuft with wide range of yarns including Wools, Polyester, Acrylic, Linen, Viscose, Cotton and their mixture without changing the tufting head
•    Support different types of yarns in thickness, twist, ply and more
•     Ability to adjust the backing fabric tension
•    Built in creels and movables frames
•    Advanced tufting head with rapid turning on corners and high accuracy to have better corner effects and increase production speed
•    Smooth running with minimal manual control
•    From 1.5 up to 4.5 square meter per hour production
•    Prepared in customized sizes
•   Easy installation and running without any special production preparation
•   Low electricity usage, even work with single phase
•   Advanced human machine interface (eHMI) with many different capabilities in different languages
•    Fully compatible with eDesigner CAD software
•    Easy file handling (single BRT file) and transferring through network or via USB
•    Remotely control and monitor the robotic machine
•     Ability to set density for each color layer to create fantastic modern designs

•    No limits for creativity
•    Wide range of products
•    Create your own collections to match with market requests (based on: densities, pile heights, yarn types, colors, cut and loop effects …)
•    Be fashionable
•    Quick and cost effective production
•    Test the market with new ideas (color, designs, yarns and combination of effects) without high risk or cost
•    Produce single original designs, samples or large order
•    Flexibility in production with low inventory of yarn
•    Fast return of investment




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